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Auto insurance is a necessity to drive legally in America, but is everyone covered properly in times of need? Not all car insurance plans are created equally, and neither are the rates set by insurance companies.

There are many ways of lowering car insurance rates, the issue is that many Americans simply don't know the proper way to approach such a task. Thanks to the relaunch of Quote Helper that is now live for public access, the chances of savings just got easier.

The ability to get cheap car insurance rates has everything to do with the location of the driver as positive and negative factors such as climate, safety in the area and population density to name a few all contribute to how insurance companies valuate the cost of coverage. In order to bring consumers additional savings, site's like Quote Helper are bringing a new approach to insurance quotes with localized competitive listings in the launch of its most recent update.

The main factors that affect auto insurance rates by state are:

- the percentage of uninsured drivers
- crime rate and theft
- risk of natural disasters
- traffic density
- competition between insurance companies

No-obligation quotes with trusted insurance companies are just a few clicks away as the site only allows qualified providers to take part in the program, taking the guess work and stress out of the process for the user. In fact, all the insurance companies listed now have either a Better Business Bureau or AM Best rating of 'A' or higher.

Driving with the assurance of proper insurance coverage at a manageable rate is what having auto insurance is supposed to feel like. Quote Helper is committed to restoring this feeling to consumers across America in times where being able to keep their car on the road can be difficult enough.

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