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What information is required for a quote?

Information regarding your current auto policy is a great starting point when gathering the info needed to complete the simple QuoteHelper application. That being said, the insurance providers we partner with typically require the following information:

  • General Information – Name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Vehicle Information – Make, model, ownership, annual mileage, and type of usage.
  • Driver Information – Age, occupation, education, and credit rating.
  • Driver History – Accidents, claims, and violations within the last five years.
  • Coverages – Name of your current insurance provider as well as the amount of coverage you would like to purchase from a new provider.
What happens after a quote is provided?

After receiving a quote, the insurance agents and providers you’re matched with receive your application, review the information you provided, and will contact you in less than 48 hours to further discuss your insurance needs and provide you with a full quote. It’s important to note that in some cases we may be unable to match you with local agents and insurance providers for your specific insurance needs.

QuoteHelper also offers you the ability to work directly with one of our insurance provider partners and visit their website for an online quote. Often, you can immediately purchase your policy online from their site after receiving a quote or contact one of the provider’s agents to complete the process. If you already know the type of insurance you need and the coverage options you would like, this is generally the simplest and fastest option.

Is an insurance company?

No, QuoteHelper is neither an insurance agent nor a company. Rather, we are a free consumer referral service, allowing ordinary people just like you to find the best auto insurance quotes in the fastest and simplest way possible. Therefore, we don’t issue insurance policies and aren’t responsible for providing support for any policies purchased through one of our many auto insurance partner agents or providers.

Does charge for its services?

No. Since our goal is to make shopping for auto insurance easier than ever before, we provide our services to consumers free of charge. Rather than charging you, the insurance agents and providers we partner with pay us for referring consumers who match the auto insurance policies they provide.

What are the car average insurance rates across the US?

Car insurance rates vary state by state and there are many individual factors that effect rates. While there may be information online to outline averages, we believe that you are far from average (but that doesn't mean you should pay above-average rates! The best way to know your potential rate is to enter your zip code and get your free quotes today!