Lower Rates! Affordable no-obligation insurance quotes in 3 easy steps:

Searching for car insurance wether you have an exsisting policy or are a first time driver can feel like an overwhelming task. Trying to get the best deal possible doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your service. Quote Helper works with some of the top insurance companies in America to bring drivers across the nation cheaper insurance rates.

We have extensive experience in the insurance industry and always keep on top of new insurance rules and policies to help our visitors take advantage of the highest possibility of savings in their area. Our auto insurance quote comparison tool has been refined over the past year by our engineers and is now ready to bring on the savings!

With such a competitive industry, using the advantage of our listings which are available to you online 24/7 combined with our knowledge, the days of large insurance companies controlling the market are long behind us. With QuoteHelper.com, qualified insurance companies wilingly work worth with us to provide you the best deals available which on average, equals a savings of over 40% a year. in fact, we've had consumers to our site save as high as 65%

Hows Does it Work?

We focus on American consumers searching for car insurance, whether you have an existing policy or are obtaining insurance for the first time we can help guide you to the right provider for your needs. Our listings consist of not only the top insurance companies across the United States but also independent brokers. Follow these 3 easy steps below and you will be well on your way to saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Step 1. Enter in your Zip Code and Submit!

It’s really that easy. We know if you're searching for insurance, chances are you're frustrated and just want a simple solution. We're confident we provide just that. Our system will search through our database and present to you the best results possible in your area. No personal information is required to retrieve the results and our service is absolutely free!

Step 2. Review the quotes provided in the listing tailored to you location.

No need to search the web for hours for promos or discounts, the best ones are presented to you in our listing. The deals are offered by insurance companies that know they are being presented along with some of best in the industry so you can be sure that they are competitive - which brings the advantage directly to you.

Step 3. Compare Rates and Save!

There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to sign up. Click through to the insurance providers you'd like to receive a final quote on based on the offer they've committed to providing you. You could be eligible for additional discounts if you qualify which will be offered through their sign up form. Most visitors to our site compare at least 3 different insurance companies before making a final decision. Since its free to use with no obligation, the more you compare the more possibility for savings. Choosing an insurance provider is often a long-term commitment so taking the time now to inform yourself of what’s available will save you hundreds if not thousands over time.