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Why Quote Helper?

QuoteHelper is an incredibly useful cost-free tool that makes shopping for auto insurance a breeze. With multiple forms to fill out on various insurance websites and decisions to be made regarding coverage levels, deductibles, supplemental medical coverage, and more, the insurance shopping process can seem tedious and complicated at best. Knowing this and the fact that 43 percent of drivers are overpaying for their auto insurance by up to $450 each and every year, we developed QuoteHelper to streamline the process and save you both money and time.

With QuoteHelper, there’s no need to visit multiple sites and fill out form after form. Simply breeze through our fast and simple questionnaire and we’ll provide you with competitive quotes from a myriad of agents and insurers to compare. From start to finish, you can complete the entire process in under five minutes and begin saving on your auto insurance today! Compare quotes now and you'll be good to go for all your auto insurance needs!

How it Works

QuoteHelper connects and empowers people with a vast network of qualified auto insurance agents representing the top insurance companies from across the nation. Thanks to their ability to instantly compare quotes from multiple insurers, QuoteHelper users proudly save an average of over $400 per year on their car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, and boat insurance. Here’s a closer look at how QuoteHelper works:

  • Fill out our simple, easy-to-use form, which most users are able to complete in less than 5 minutes.
  • Instantly get matched with several of your area’s leading insurance providers. There are several factors that help determine which insurers you’re matched to, such as your location, current car insurance provider, driving history, and the type of insurance you need.
  • QuoteHelper matches you with the most appropriate insurers and agents serving in your area.
  • We also provide you with a list of insurance companies that match your needs, so you can learn more about them while waiting to be contacted from your matched agents.
  • Take advantage of having several insurance agents and companies competing for your business. Studies have revealed time and time again that people are able to maximize their auto insurance savings by comparing three or more providers.
  • When comparing auto insurance quotes, it’s important to consider billing options, the claims process, and features like 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance. It’s easy to find yourself focusing solely on your monthly premium, but these factors can be equally important.

To learn more about car insurance we recommend you read through our Frequently Asked Questions section or even better, why not just call us today? We have people standing by to serve you! Call us anytime at (844) 325-1360 to speak to a live person that can assist you with your needs or even help you set up a quote!

How To Save On Car Insurance

Low Rates for Safe Drivers: How to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance
Many drivers across the nation are experiencing higher car insurance rates so it's important to find new sources and strategies to get cheap rates.

There are a lot of safe drivers on the road across America, and many are often left feeling that they're paying way too much to keep their cars insured. So how do so many responsible drivers end up with rates that don't reflect their skills and record on the road?

The main factors that affect auto insurance rates by state are:

- the percentage of uninsured drivers
- crime rate and theft
- risk of natural disasters
- traffic density
- competition between insurance companies

We at Quote Helper are constantly looking for better ways to bring their users accurate and affordable auto insurance quotes. With a simple mission statement and a proven strategy, we have been bringing consumers cheap rates with reputable insurance companies for many years now. With our localized listings more consumers can find bigger savings and incentives to take advantage of now in 3 different ways.

1. Our competitive listings - clicking through to insurers in our listings is the fastest way to get results and compare different offers and rates that might be available in your area.

2. Filling out our form - why take the time to fill out a form? The answer is simple, results that are specifically customized to suit your individual needs. You're more than just a zip code, and you want results that reflect that.

3. Calling our toll free number - Let's face it, we can have all the fancy tools on our site in the world but sometimes it's just easier to talk to someone. Let us help you figure out your needs and match you up with a great insurance company.

So Many Ways To Save - How Does Quote Helper Do It?
The answer is quite simple. By bringing all the top insurance companies together in one listing, the insurance companies actually compete against each other for new business and try and out bid their competitors by offering attractive discounts and incentives that they must honor if the user decides to sign up with them. The lifetime value of of every new customer is too valuable to pass up, so the potential for savings has to be enough for the user to choose them over the competition. This creates a win win situation for the company you may sign up with and you. The coverage you need at a great rate that you can afford.

The Quote Helper Mission
The popular insurance comparison site has been operating for over 2 years bringing its users the most cheap car insurance online. Our company has a mission to become a leader in providing hassle free insurance quotes because of its simple 3 step system that allows users to get results with no obligations to sign up for a policy.

Bringing quotes from top insurance companies such as Progressive, State Farm, Geico and many other A-rated (Better Business Bureau, AM Best) together in one listing has led to savings for consumers across the nation.

No More Over-Paying; Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes
In the beginning the main difference with out site is we allowed insurance companies to opt into their programs that bring consumers more sources for comparing quotes and services with the competition as a way of showing confidence and increased transparency into their operations. A much different practice than the traditional forms of insurance advertising that usually involve big budget ad campaigns with no mention of the competition at all.

In efforts to bring consumers additional savings, is bringing a new approach to car insurance quotes with localized competitive listings with the launch of its most recent update. Getting cheaper car insurance rates has everything to do with the location of the driver as state by state factors all contribute to how insurance companies valuate the cost of coverage.

Once you enter your zip code the insurance listings include the top 5 insurers in a given area along with a list of services, offers and any available location based incentives and discounts to take advantage of. In addition, no personal information is required to compare the listing results. Anyone can view the best results and simply click through to each companies listing to get a free no-obligation insurance quote. Just type in your zip code and you're good to go!

Quote Helper is able to connect consumers to local and national insurance companies that provide discounts through their listings to help them save on insurance.

Why You Should Compare Online Auto Insurance Quotes Today
Auto insurance is a necessity to drive legally in America, but is everyone covered properly in times of need? Not all car insurance plans are created equally, and neither are the rates set by insurance companies. There are many ways of lowering car insurance rates, the issue is many Americans simply don't know the proper way to approach such a task.

No-obligation quotes with trusted insurance companies are just a few clicks away as the site only allows qualified providers to take part in the program, taking the guess work and stress out of the process for the user.

Driving with the reassurance of proper coverage and services at a manageable rate is what having auto insurance is supposed to feel like.

Last year, an increasing amount of consumers turned to the web to voice concerns over rising costs, utilizing social media and other online venues to pressure corporations into introducing new ways to get better results when trying to save.

As a result, many have opted into programs that allow consumers new sources for comparing rates and services with the competition as a way of showing confidence and increased transparency into their operations. Not to anyone's surprise however, these companies still primarily push their traditional forms of marketing and advertising over the new system that puts them side by side with their competition.

Thankfully with Quote Helper's newly relaunched website, consumers across America can now compare the top insurance companies in their area easily with a variety of quoting options.

Searching online for cheaper auto insurance rates doesn't have to be complicated. Sorting through search engine results and having to guess which companies are trusted to bring quality coverage at affordable rates can be an exhausting task.

Finding the best rates online can be a challenge, with so many websites to choose from it's hard to know where to start. While most users start with a search engine query bringing up endless often confusing results, a growing portion of internet users that represent the more tech-savvy user are turning directly to sites like

For drivers across the nation who are hoping to bring costs down as they budget for the new year, one of the easiest ways to manage expenses is to bring down re-occurring costs like car insurance.

Make use of the available discounts and incentives listed, it's possible to combine multiple savings you may qualify for to receive lower quotes with insurers that rank among the best in America.

The Secrets Tricks To Lower Car Insurance
The Quotes They Don't Want Drivers To See. It all depends on the driver and many other factors that vary from consumer to consumer. Many people don't realize that every year changes not only in their personal lives but in state-by-state insurance rules could have a huge impact on their rates. For those who haven't compared insurance rates in years and depended on their providers to shell out the discounts, the potential savings could be in the hundreds.

All discounts listed can be combined if the driver qualifies, to bring in additional savings they may not have been aware of before.

Consumers however, are not obligated at all to sign up for an insurance policy to check rates and they are welcome to compare as many quotes as possible by simply clicking through to the insurers website. The more quotes compared, the more possibility of savings.

Drivers With No Car Insurance Lead to Higher Insurance Rates
There are many Americans simply trying to make ends meet and to some, keeping their vehicles on the road means driving without car insurance. While this may seem like an easy short term gain, Quote Helper reveals why it's simply not a good idea.

Aside from being against the law, uninsured drivers account for more vehicles on the road in America than some might think, and it affects everyone. While it may seem a bit obvious to state, in most cases it's a direct result of the economy. As people need to somehow continue their daily lives, for many it means driving to work, getting the kids to school or other obligations that require a vehicle, so the choice to cancel insurance becomes all too tempting. But what are the real benefits to driving uninsured and is the risk worth the reward. These are the questions many fail to ask themselves when searching for immediate financial relief.

In many cases, being caught will lead to a $500 fine, but that's just the beginning. In most states there are penalties and fees to account for and also the risk of the uninsured drivers vehicle being seized which in the case of an accident would be unavoidable. In addition, these incidents will go on the drivers record so at the chance they attempt to attain car insurance again, the rates will be far worse to manage than they were to begin with if they can even get approved for a policy.

The key to managing expenses related to operating a vehicle go hand in hand with common sense strategies. Maintaining the vehicle properly will get better fuel efficiency and help avoid larger repair costs in the long run. Choosing the right deductible for the cars value is essential. But most of all, finding the right car insurance coverage with a reputable insurance company with an affordable rate in the first place is the key.

It's possible to lower rates online using a website run by insurance experts to ensure the best deals. Using knowledge of new insurance rules, discounts and matching the best insurance companies in every state with drivers across America is Quote Helper's mission statement.

Driving without car insurance isn't the answer to managing finances and it only leads to more expenses and headaches in the future. Comparing quotes and choosing the right plan with a qualified insurer is a fast and easy process that can lead to big savings.

Getting Back Into The Classroom Can Lower Car Insurance Rates In These States
How to get cheaper car insurance rates by signing up for driver's training courses and introduces a new tool to showcase which companies offer these discounts.

The thought of getting back into the classroom may seem like a dreaded task, especially for those of us who haven't gone to school in years, but thankfully this classroom doesn't involve cafeteria lunches or detention and in some cases can be completed online.

In many states, discounts or rate deductions on car insurance are not only offered but mandatory for drivers who have completed a driver safety course, some of these courses involve getting back into the classroom but some are even available online.

Of course, the training must be state-approved driver improvement courses, but taking them once can lead to discounts that last for years. The discounts will vary by the driver's age, record and other factors so it's important to know which states and which insurance companies offer the discounts to ensure eligibility.

The 35 states that give mandatory discounts include:

- Alabama
- Alaska
- Arkansas
- California
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- The District of Columbia
- Delaware
- Florida
- Georgia
- Idaho
- Illinois
- Kansas
- Kentucky
- Louisiana
- Maine
- Minnesota
- Mississippi
- Montana
- Nevada
- New Jersey
- New Mexico
- New York
- North Dakota
- Oklahoma
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- Rhode Island
- South Carolina
- Tennessee
- Utah
- Virginia
- Washington
- West Virginia
- Wyoming

For those drivers who only have time to complete a course online, there are 23 states that insurance companies are required to make discounts available even if the state-approved course is completed online including: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

It's important to note that even in states that are not required to offer these discounts there are certain insurance companies that will honor them if the course meets their requirements.

Quote Helper Takes Advantage Of New Insurance Rules
...To Save Americans Hundreds On Car Insurance. While there is much talk in the news about new insurance rules and how they affect Americans in terms of cost and quality of coverage, what many do not realize is insurance rules change more than they might realize.

On a state by state basis, there are many regional insurance rules that don't get as much publicity as others so consumers aren't always aware of how they could affect their coverage rates.

Quote Helper's insurance experts study regional regulations and laws as well as keep up to date with the top providers policies to bring consumers the best potential options not only for savings, but an insurance policy that will cover all their needs. Understanding that not everyone knows where to start when it comes to insurance rules.

Dedicated to making the process of searching for auto insurance an easy, quick and painless process, Quote Helper continues to use feedback from their users to enhance the site, combined with their industry expertise to help users find lower rates, all while keeping everything simple.

Extra Services Offered With Top Rated Insurance Companies
Larger, more experienced insurance companies offer benefits that really make having insurance feel like an actual service rather than a necessity. The services offered, like roadside assistance or 24/7 phone support are essential in times of need and can change the driver's experience of an unfortunate accident completely.

Many consumers think these services come at an extra cost, but in reality they are actually part of the insurance policy with no hidden fees to account for at all as they make the process more seamless for the driver and insurance company itself.

Bundling Insurance Services To Save More
Consumers who are looking for cheaper car insurance through the popular site can now compare insurance quotes for home, health, and life insurance as well.

Bundling services with one company is one of the most effective ways to save money and is of course convenient as well. Now users can compare quotes individually and decide for themselves which providers best suit there needs.

Beat the System; Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates
In many cases saving money is all about taking initiative, but with so many bills it's often hard to know where to start. It's this mindset that prevents a lot of consumers from lowering their monthly costs, especially when it comes to car insurance.

As one of the many expenses most people just assume as a necessity, the average consumer fails to check for new insurance quotes at least once per year. This isn't the fault of laziness in most cases. Insurance companies have done a great job of appearing as not so much of a service but almost an authority figure where most people feel they just have to accept the rates and move on.

Little do people know, many new insurance rules and policies have changed that actually could lower their rates by hundreds of dollars per year, thus proving the importance of comparing rates online.

Under Insured Driving - Is It Really Worth It?
There are many ways of lowering car insurance rates. The issue is too often drivers sacrifice important coverage options that may lower monthly rates but put them at risk in the chance they encounter an incident.

Many Americans are either driving around with no insurance or inadequate coverage hoping for the best every time they take their vehicle out on the road. What they don't realize is the potential risk and danger of operating their vehicle with insufficient coverage in the event of an incident can lead to far worse circumstances than they might expect.

"It's not that they don't want to be protected, it's that they just don't think they can afford to be," Quote Helpers marketing analyst explains. "Many insurance rules have changed over the years along with changes in their personal lives. All of these are factors that can lead to lower insurance rates. The problem is, no one likes to call into their insurance companies or fear their rates will rise. Quote Helper solves all of these issues."

No one should have to drive their vehicle with the anxiety of when the unexpected may happen. There are ways to drive in every state with adequate coverage for every circumstance while keeping costs down.

Driving with the feeling of being properly covered at a manageable rate is what having auto insurance is supposed to feel like. Quote Helper is committed to restoring this feeling to consumers across America in times where being able to keep their car on the road can be difficult enough.

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